Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?  The rate varies depending on the number of guests, the type of party or event, the amount of time and the number of performers necessary.  Please see our rate page for more information.

What type of psychic readings do you do?  Most psychic readings use an "oracle" of some sort.  Common oracles are Tarot cards, palms, crystal balls, runes, I-Ching and many more.  Our entertainers specialize in both palm readings and readings based on a deck of cards known as Psycards.  Psycards are beautiful artistic renderings of common symbols of everyday life.  They are similar in some respects to the Tarot, but completely devoid of the negative vibrations often associated with the Tarot.  An image from a Psycard is displayed here.  It's from a card called The Puzzle.  Our readings last approximately six minutes.  The cards are used to divine an answer to a question asked by the guest.  The cards to be used in the reading are selected by the guest using their own psychic intuition.  Our entertainers act as guides to explain the meaning of the cards as they relate to the question.  Our readings are completely entertaining and totally non-intimidating.  For palm reading we generally do a brief analysis of the palm talking about past, present and potential futures.  No questions need be asked for a palm reading.

What kind of questions do you answer? There really is no limit to the type of question that can be asked, but we suggest a question that relates to the present or near future.  Common questions concern love, relationships, money, well-being, work, etc.  We don't offer any kind of medical or legal advice.

What kind of space do you need to do the readings?  A quiet area is best.  If the party is in a home, a den or office usually works the best.  If the party is in a hall or other large room, then a table off in one corner will work.  If the event is outdoors we prefer to have an indoor area if possible.  At a minimum we would like to have the area covered and protected from wind.  But we can adapt to almost any area.  We'll be glad to discuss specific details with you at the time of booking.  We do request the host provide us with a table and two chairs per reader. Palm readings can be done at a table or "walk-around" where the palm-reader mingles with guests.  Card readings require a table.

What age group is this appropriate for?  In general, readings are most suited to adults.  We'll be glad to read for mature teenagers or children if they are also present.  We will book events where teenagers are the main group, but we ask that the average be at least 17 years old (so graduation parties are ok) .  While there is nothing said in these readings that is inappropriate for a small child, it really isn't suited to their age level as a primary source of entertainment.  Having said that, children are fascinated with the readings (especially the card readings) and we're glad to read for them for the children if they are present.

What kind of events do you do?  We do all kinds of events.  Almost any kind of private party works:  birthday, retirement, wedding, even family get-togethers and reunions.  It's very popular for ladies to get together during the day for a psychic party for no other reason than to just have readings.  Bridal showers and bachelorette parties are very popular.  We also do corporate events such as sales meetings, dinners, banquets, hospitality suites and more.

Do you do private readings?  Yes we do private readings in your home.  Please fill out our booking form and put "private reading" in the space where it asks for the type of party.  We'll contact you with all the rates and details.

Do you travel?  We are based in the East Bay of San Francisco and do parties all over the Bay Area.  We will travel outside of the area, but the costs associated with travel usually only make sense for our corporate clients. We also are affiliated with a wide number of performers throughout the world.  We can usually recommend some of our colleagues in your area.

Who are you?  There are two of us that do the majority of the readings:  Mark Garetz (pictured at left) and Loyd Auerbach.  Both Mark and Loyd have many years of experience in the field of psychic entertainment, and both are members of the Psychic Entertainers Association (PEA), an association of over 300 professional entertainers from around the world.  We draw on the talents of other PEA members for larger venues or for out-of-town events where travel is not in the budget.  Mark primarily concentrates on readings.  Loyd does readings and also entertains as his "alter-ego" Professor Paranormal, blending psychic entertainment with comedy.  Loyd is also a world-famous paranormal investigator and has been featured on many television shows.  He has recently founded PRO, the Paranormal Research Organization, and runs the Bay Area-based Office of Paranormal Investigations.  Mark also hangs about with PRO.  

If you have any other questions, please fill out our booking form and use the "comments" section.  We'll get back to you right away with answers.

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